A Coffee Bean

What do you think about while enjoying your morning cup of coffee? How healthy it is? Helping you concentrate better, stay alert, keep slim and trim? Amazingly, this humble brew can do all these things and more!

That's right, there is much more to that potent cup of hot, flavorsome, caffeine-rich beverage than many ever consider. It's such an important part of your day that much has been written on the subject, let alone featured on TV shows and of course the multitude of advertisements for the many different brands.

A Cup of Life and Satisfaction

What's more, there are several different types of the nation's favorite wake-up drink that again, most drinkers rarely think about. But once you start to get into the ins and outs of coffee, it starts to get pretty interesting and you want to know more.

I know I did, long ago when I got my first encounter with a coffee roasting shop. It was an experience that was to change me in many ways, not least of all the way in which I like to drink my coffee.

Before that, I had always drunk instant and thought it was perfectly adequate for my tastes. After all, what did I know? It was just a product that came in a jar that I added to boiling water, a little milk and it tasted good enough.

But a visit inside that roasting house changed all that forever, because that's where I got my first cup of the real deal. Of course, I could smell what was coming long before I got it and that was a big part of the highly pleasurable experience.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee made from freshly roasted and ground beans wafting down the street was what got me to go inside that little shop and sample the brew. I took it black as was recommended by the proprietor of that establishment and I'm glad I did.

I know many folks like to contaminate their brew with things like milk, cream, sugar and who knows what else, but my first cup was pure black joy. I never wanted to put anything into it ever since that day and I pretty much never have!

Why would I want to spoil that awesome, natural flavor or change it in any way that would make it something different than how it comes out of the percolator!

Different Types of Coffee

So now about those different types I was talking about earlier. I already mentioned the instant variety and that's fine if you never want to step out of that cozy, homogenous bubble and go over to the dark side!

After instant powder and freeze dried granules, which to my taste tend to make a not dissimilar flavored brew, there is a liquid form called Camp Coffee that is popular in places like Greece which I find unpleasant, but everyone to their own tastes!

Then there are the finely ground up beans that are coarse enough to stay put in a cone-shaped paper filter but fine enough to brew a pretty tasty cup of the real stuff in a filter machine. There are many different blends and brands of this, which I will go into in more detail in its own separate article.

Then there are the coarser grounds that are used in plunger operated devices like the Bodril, which I quite like (depending on the raw material used of course).

Lastly there are the whole beans you grind up yourself that make the best of the best in my mind. I have several grinding machines but I still favor the hand mill that takes a little elbow grease to deliver a decent mound of nicely prepared grounds for the percolator.

Green Coffee

Aside from the regular black coffee we all know and love, there is also a rather less well known healthsome version of this brew that is made from the unroasted beans. It is imbued with metabolism boosting, fat busting properties that are of great interest to those looking to shed a few pounds of excess weight.

This form comes in a variety that you can drink just like a herbal tea, or in extract form that you can take like many health supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet. Now I know this is really fascinating for many people so I'm including a big section on this site to green coffee bean extract and the beverages and supplements that are derived from it.

So there you have it. A humble beverage with a fascinating side to it that few are aware of until now (since you're here, I take it you'll be wanting to learn more about it from these pages).

As I mentioned above, I'll be taking each of these types of this popular brew and expanding on them in their own feature articles. That's to make it all more easily readable and after all, this page is supposed to be a short introduction to the site and it has already lengthened to quite a lot of paragraphs.

Rather than send you to sleep reading on and on here, you might prefer to look up the navigation pane above and open the individual piece that catches your eye! Oh, and welcome to the new look ACoffeeBean.com!