where can i buy green coffee extract

Please accept the warmest welcome to acoffeebean.com, where you can find out all about the beautiful beverage that wakes up a nation: Coffee!

I'm Dr Cook, a retired family doctor with a passion for diet and nutrition and all throughout my career I have advocated maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many of my patients came to me for more than just medical advice, diagnosis and prescription of medications once word got around that I was having some measure of success in helping overweight patients to lose weight and get back in shape.

Diet is still very important and I firmly believe that a person becomes what they eat! Aside from nutritional and diet advice that I have provided for many patients over the years, I have taken it upon myself to look into many of the popular dieting programs that have appeared as well as nutritional supplements that have claimed to help with weight loss.

I have written several papers on the subject as well as maintaining several websites dedicated to certain specific areas of dieting, health and nutrition. This one is brand new for me and it allows me to write on the subject of our favorite morning beverage and how it fits in with the daily cycle of the digestion and metabolic process.

In particular, I came across green coffee and discovered the claims about its ability to increase metabolism particularly in the area of blood sugar and fat production. I was so interested in its claimed properties I decided to create this website focusing on this and other coffee products. I hop you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.