Coffee Recipes

coffee for cooking

One of the most amazing things you can do with coffee aside from drinking it is to cook with it as a main flavouring ingredient and zing provider that will be sure to amaze your friends and dinner guests.

There are thousands of ways of creating really interesting and different dishes that make eating such an adventure. With so many ingredients to choose from, it's a wonder so many people go through life eating a predictable and narrow diet without ever stepping out and trying food that makes your face turn into a picture of amazement!

One such ingredient is our very own coffee beans that can be used creatively to produce some astounding flavors that are sure to surprise and cause diners to want more!

But before we get into the good eating side of life, we'd just like you to know you can source your most important raw ingredient right here!

We Give You Quality

So here's a quick reminder about why we're here. We want to provide you with the very best in coffee beans, from freshness to price for you to use not just for making that essential daily brew, but for branching out into using it as a food addition too. That means yours will be sent to you within hours of being roasted.

We will send you only the very best café (as they say in France) that we can find. Although we built our business on coffee beans, we also provide tea, from regular to green tea, which is a new and important part of our business.

After nearly 20 years of purchasing coffee beans from around the world, our buyers have made some great relationships with many respectable, quality-minded growers who are as committed to growing quality beans as we are to roasting and selling great beans. We know that we can count on our growers to provide only the best, a promise we pass on to you!

So, whether you want the best in espresso or the newest in gourmet coffee, we can provide it for you. Use it, drink it and now cook with it!

And don't forget about tea! We carry herbal tea, flavored tea, green and black teas of all kinds. That's right, we can provide for all of your gourmet coffee beans, espresso and tea needs with guaranteed freshness and a commitment to quality. So come on in and try the best café products on the net!

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The Recipes

So now let's dive into the individual and grouped recipes on the following pages that you may find interesting. Check them out and see if any gets your attention enough to make you want to try it for yourself!