Coconut Coffee and Indonesia Island Hopping

When you're visiting exotic locations around the world, there are opportunities to try new flavors and coconut coffee from Indonesia is one to try!

Indonesia is the world's third largest coffee producing country. An archipelago in the South Pacific, there are over 13,000 islands considered a part of Indonesia, including Java and Bali. Most of Indonesia is mountainous, leaving a small percentage of land for agriculture.

In fact, only 10% of Indonesia is aggregated, with the main crops being rubber, rice, sugar and coffee. The old Dutch plantation estates are a thing of the past, although the majority of farmers are smallholders who farm in similar fashions to their families a hundred years ago.

Famous Indonesian Coffees

The coffees of Indonesia are known to almost all coffee drinkers. Famous for their lack of acidity and earthy tones, coffees like Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java and Papua New Guinea account for a huge portion of gourmet coffee provisions. The flavors are deep and the aromas grassy with such dark colors and smooth finishes that one cannot believe most Indonesian beans are robustas.

The Papua New Guinea is especially notable, as it delivers a slightly mango flavor and smell and a clean finish, making it one of the most widely used coffees in blending. Today, Indonesia no longer caters to the imperialism of Europe and is free to compete in the world's economic market freely and with confidence. But, the growing population has strained the Indonesian economy and coffee prices world-wide have plummeted to an all time low.

As Indonesia grows both larger and poorer, the existing coffee producers will continue to work against the odds, with the possibilities of ground soil depletion and water contamination from farm equipment as well as bankruptcy and folding. Although these economic and environmental factors are only beginning to show their signs, we must keep our eyes on Indonesia and do all that there is to maintain some of the world's best coffee in secure, bountiful and earth-friendly ways.

Recipe: Coconut Coffee

So on to the reason for this article: the wonderfully flavorsome coconut coffee recipe I was promising you!



In a medium saucepan, bring cream of coconut and Half and Half to a light boil over medium heat. Once boiling, add coffee and sugar and whisk until well combined. Immediately serve in warmed mugs or tall glasses. Enjoy topped with whipped cream or shaved chocolate.

Makes 4 Cups