The Peak Bean

I've included this article in the cooking with coffee section as it tells the story of a superior bean that makes an amazing brew, modified here for your enjoyment and to try sometime soon.

Over the past few weeks, life has changed for just about everyone living in this country. As we begin to return to "life-as-usual", suddenly the small things in life, like a kiss in the morning to carry through the day, greeting a neighbor on the way to work, and possibly taking time out for ourselves to think, project, and heal become necessities in life.

As recent events have taken our attention away from the superficial to the all important, it is of utmost importance that we pause and enjoy even the smallest of life's comforts. It is time to make the everyday extraordinary and a great place to start is with fifteen minutes, everyday, to yourself.

Some like to write, others meditate, but here at Mr. CoffeeBeans, we pour a cup of hot coffee, sit back and pause to enjoy the good things life has to offer.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

In the world of coffee, there are hundreds of amazing blends and brews. But, one coffee surpasses all others as the most extraordinary coffee in the world; Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Highly sought after and only grown in the majestic Blue Mountain range in Jamaica, Blue Mountain coffee combines the area's rich soil, cool moist conditions, regular rainfall, and precise, expert care from growers.

Since the introduction of coffee to Jamaica in the mid-eighteenth century, the plants took to the Blue Mountain range and quickly adapted to the ideal growing conditions. Soon, Jamaican coffee rose to the top of the coffee connoisseurs' quality list.

The Blue Mountain range seems daunting for farmers to work their plantations. The range reaches about 7,400 feet with steep winding roads, a rainforest like environment, and at about 3,000 feet elevation, the world's most unbelievable coffee!

In 1953, the Jamaican government decreed a specific area of the range acceptable for the labeling of true 100% Blue Mountain coffee, an area processed by four estates (Mavis Bank, Silver Hill, the Government Station at Wallenford, and Moy Hall). The other parts of the mountain range are graded as either High Mountain or Low-land Jamaican coffee. We at Mr. Coffeebeans have been purchasing our beans from the Wallenford Estate for over 10 years.

True Blue Mountain coffee is grown and harvested with the utmost care to produce the highest quality beans, for which coffee aficionados pay more than $30 per pound. The labor is intense and manual harvesting occurs only at the peak of the berries' ripeness, one at a time.

After harvesting, the beans go through a series of quality control checkpoints to assure only the finest beans are sold to consumers. In effect, the stringent quality control and intense growing conditions produce the most delicate yet intense, sweet, oaken, aromatic coffee there is!

The high cost often scares the average coffee drinker away, yet on occasion, the unmatched flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is the perfect way to truly treat oneself. So, as time progresses and we look back to the days when only getting through the day mattered, enjoy a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and take time to enjoy each and every drop.

Viennese Coffee

Here is a drink that you're sure to want to try for yourself that combines the strength and bite of the coffee with the rounding flavor of chocolate and the added citrus of the orange peel.



Melt chocolate in a medium saucepan over low heat. Add the sugar and cream. stirring until well blended. One cup at a time, add the coffee and beat with a whisk until frothy. Pour into (warmed) cups and top with grated orange peel. Serve hot.

Serves 4

Recipe by: Caroline Sharkey