Green Tea

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Green tea, herbal, gourmet coffee beans. For delightful green tea, herbal tea and rich espresso gourmet coffee beans come to A Coffee Bean and enjoy!

Find your favorite international herbal teas including the healing Chinese green teas. Popular for its tightly rolled leaves, this green tea is strong and earthen in flavor. It also possesses many positive health benefits when drunk daily so as well as enjoying the relaxing, delicious brew, celebrate your good health too!

Super Healthy Green Tea

Getting all the currently known health benefits and healing properties down in one place would take up many pages, so I'll skip the details here and just go for the general overview style write up.

The brew is well known for its powerful antioxidant properties that help the body reduce the incidence of free radicals, thereby helping to reduce the potential for certain types of cancer to develop. This also helps to improve cell development and overall body healing and revitalizing.

The relaxing property helps enormously to reduce stress, which is another well documented cause of many health problems. Taking time to relax each day with a hot cup of this delicious brew is a great way to pamper yourself while giving yourself a health boost at the same time!

Digestive problems and even gut infections can be fought with green tea and its anti-bacterial properties, while the body's immune system gets a boost from regular drinking to further help the body fight off illnesses.

Aside from all that, its just a really nice hot drink to sit down and enjoy!

Other Teas

The Ceylon Chester tea is a fine black tea which produces a reddish-brown liquor with a full-bodies, perfume flavor. The china black tea or the loose traditional blended teas as we call them, have a bright flavor and thin leaves that make a deep color.

The earl grey teas we offer have a traditional flavor with a hint of citrus. The reddish black liquor mixes well with milk.

Gourmet Coffee Blends

Our gourmet Kona coffee blends are naturally infused with tropical sweetness that resembles coconut milk within the bean. This makes a flavorful espresso coffee bean. The Italian or and helps relax the mind with mouth-watering aroma.

One of the most popular gourmet coffees, is the Columbian Supreemo blend which is smoky and filled with flavor. For a darker, richer flavor, try the French blend. Otherwise, you might enjoy the mellow tropically grown Costa Rican Tarruzu gourmet coffee beans.

Mix and match your favorite green tea, herbal, gourmet coffee beans. For delightful tea gift baskets including green tea, herbal tea and gourmet coffee come to A Coffee Bean.

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